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Who's inside the suit?
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Wearing a costume that conceals your face can transform you into a completely different being - from a simple faceless bodysuit to the most elaborate film-industry prostheses and monster suits.
This community is for costume enthusiasts to show us who's behind the mask. Show yourself off for who you are, or tell us a little about the suit itself... Perhaps you make costumes, or are just into body coverings. Anyone who likes wearing costumes is welcome here, be they anything from simple face masks to fursuits to full-body fetish gear!

Some simple guidelines apply here:

- Keep it PG rated. This community is open for people to read and post in, and we're bound to have underage members sooner or later.

- Keep it civil. Not everyone is interested in every kind of costuming, if you find someone else's interests not to your liking please keep your negative opinions to yourself unless the post is actually offensive and contravenes these guidelines.

- We're interested in YOU! Don't post endless pictures of yourself in suit, we want to see the person inside the suit and maybe find out a little something about you.

- Please keep photos under an Lj-cut! Feel free to post a small image above the cut, but keep it under 400X400 pixels to eep our friends on dial-up happy.